Hello everyone!

As many of you guys know, I went to Peru for 3 weeks with my mom last October. It’s been over 8 months since the trip, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions for a lot of people of what to do/eat/tips. After going over my 100+ Notes on my iPhone while bored one day, I realized that I actually created a top 10 tips on Peru which I totally forgot. I also made a video of my travels to Peru which got over 3,700 views on Facebook! (Crazy.) Background information: We flew JetBlue from Austin to Ft. Lauderdale to Lima. In Peru, we started in Lima, took a bus to Paracas (no footage), Huacachina, Arequipa + Colca Canyon, Cusco, Machu Picchu, then flew back to Lima!

Okay, let’s get started on the tips:

  1. Take a bus from Lima to Cusco. We used Peru Hop and I highly recommend the service! The guides were so nice and the buses were always on time. Nice and spacious. We got to see the coast, the desert, the canyons, the mountains, and the jungle all because we took the bus. We wouldn’t have seen if we flew over from city to city.
  2. Try all the smoothies you can in the food markets! Cusco had over 20 stalls of smoothie stands. The ladies make it fresh for you right there and it only costs about $1 for a huge cup. We always got the mixed blend. So. good.
  3. Must do outdoor activities. Sand buddying and sand boarding in Huacachina was our favorite. You can check it out in the video!
  4. Wear layers. It can get from brutally hot in the day to extremely cold at night. That’s what you get when you’re 30,000 m above sea level.
  5. Speaking of altitude….Sorochin and Gravocol will be your best friend. My mom and I did get altitude sickness- got sick, threw up, nauseous, trouble breathing- so these pills will save your life. They’re sold everywhere because Peruvians know that foreigners like us can’t handle the height.
  6. Tap water is NOT drinkable. Be prepared to buy gallons of bottled water on your trip. It’s very cheap, so it’s not an issue.
  7. Go to Machu Picchu as early as you can. It is so calm and cool and less people that by the afternoon we went it rained and got extremely hot.
  8. Try to use AS MUCH Spanish as possible. Maybe places we went to didn’t know English. The locals also appreciate it too. At a restaurant they would always come back and see how we were doing and smiled when we left. Thank you Texas for my basic Spanish skills.

Peru has a special place in my heart. If you have any questions or planning a trip, please let me know!



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