new york city.

So, it’s been exactly 3 months since I’ve been living NYC. I can say it has been the most exciting yet most stressful time of my life. It’s hard finding a balance between working 8-9 hour days at JetBlue to exploring what New York has to offer to literally getting enough sleep. (notice that I didn’t include working out? Ugh. I’m trying.) I want to write EVERYTHING I’ve done in New York, buttt in order to keep this post short and sweet, I think it’s necessary to make a bulleted list so I don’t ramble on for paragraphs and paragraphs. So similar to my first week in Rome, here’s my “likes and dislikes” of my time here!


  1. OKAY so #1 is that there’s SO MUCH TO DO IN NEW YORK! I know this is so cliché but it’s no lie. THERE’S LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN NEW YORK. I haven’t been bored one second. From parks to food festivals to live concerts to happy hour to 4 am drunk pizza joints to shopping on 5th Ave…like the list can go on forever. Being 21 is also a very good thing in New York. Very, very good thing. 😛 But on the flip side, because there’s so much to do & because I live so far away (downside of living on the edge of Queens), I get home very late. Sometimes I don’t get home until like 12:30 am on the weekdays or until 4 am on the weekends, sooo my sleep has been very minimal to the point where I’m not fully focused at work. “Olivia, why don’t you just go home earlier?” I know, I know. It’s hard; I am slowly finding balance.
  2. EVERYTHING STAYS OPEN SO LATEEEE! I am a big fan of nightlife. Okay, not the whole shebang of getting drunk and clubbing (people can confirm my lightweight status), but I love the feeling of just staying out late with friends and walking around the city together. There’s something magical about New York at night. All the buildings lights are glowing, there’s few people on the streets, everyone is all dressed up, the air has a crisp chill to it…I love it.
  3. ROOFTOPS. I love views and what better way of seeing a beautiful view of 30 floor array of buildings in Manhattan than to be on top of a 30 floor building in Manhattan. Nothing.
  4. JETBLUE! Where can I start? Even though I worked so hard on my application process and prepared a lot for my multiple interviews, I can say that I am really lucky to have this internship. JetBlue is such an amazing company. For anyone that has flown a JetBlue flight, I can say that the kindness, humor, liveliness you experience on a flight is exactly how the corporate office is. Everyone is so passionate and engaged in his or her job that it’s the reason why the brand is so respected among consumers. Even though I’m working my butt off nonstop every day, the day goes by so quickly because everyone makes the day so much fun.Other than company culture, I am so blessed to go to really cool events put on by JetBlue. Some include:
  • A trip down to Orlando, FL for a 2-day orientation for new hires. Thanks M for bringing me to Chick-fil-a!
  • A buzz stunt in NYC where we gave away free tickets to the Latino community (and where I got to meet Dascha Polanco from OITNB!)
  • A tour of our brand new international terminal at JFK T5 opening mid-November
  • JetBlue’s Soar With Reading event where I got to meet Victoria Justice, Mary Pope Osborne, and 2 members of the New York Red Bulls
  • Fun day, where JetBlue’s commercial team (approx. 200 people) went to Chelsea Piers and competed in games against each other like rock climbing, sand volleyball, Jenga, Speed stacking, etc. And of course got open bar drinks afterwards.These were only couple of events that I’ve been to so far, and there’s so much more to come.

5. FREE FLIGHT BENEFITS. I love traveling. JetBlue allows me to travel for free, so I = 🙂 (Note: I did not know about flight benefits when I interviewed, so I was very surprised when I found out about having free standby flights on my first day.)


  1. BY FAR #1 IS THE SMELL! Oh my goodness, New York, you smell awful. Because of you I don’t even remember what fresh air smells like. Either you smell like trash, fish, smoke, or pee. Seriously. You’re killing me.
  2. HOW EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE. $112 for a subway monthly pass? (Boston is $70) $13 for a mixed drink? $6 to do laundry? $2000 for rent a size of a shoebox? (exaggerating a little bit) Like come on New York, why you gotta be so rude mean? Not everyone is on Wall Street or a celebrity.
  3. WAKING UP IN THE MORNING. I miss waking up at 11 am for my 1 pm college classes. I’m not used to this early-sleep-early-wake-up thing. It’s gotten to the point where I have to set my alarm at 7:00 am to get myself out of bed at 7:30 am 7:40 am. The struggle. I blame bullet #2 in Likes section.

4. LAUNDRY AT A LAUNDROMAT. This one also applies to Boston/anywhere where your apartment is too small to have a laundry unit inside. All in all, laundry day sucks. I seriously have to plan about 3 hours of my day around when I should put my clothes in the wash, when to come back to take it out of the wash, which dryer I can move it to, when to come back to take it out of the dryer, and where can I fold it to bring back to my apartment. Sigh…miss doing laundry in Texas.


Well that’s all I can think of in a nutshell. Anyways, can’t believe half my time in New York is already over. Time really flies.


Well I’m off to bed now,

gnite and sweet dreams to you.

– Liv